Sport fishing is one of the most important features of the place where the Villa is situated. The multiplicity of rivers and lakes within the province´s territory or the National Park Lanín keeps this motto in force: "Fishermen´s paradise". Sportsmen all over the world arrive since November until late May to perform this activity.

The crystalline streams from Malleo R., Chimehuín R., Collón Curá R. and other rivers shared by other places, like Aluminé R. or Quilquihué R., are the favourites among fishermen. The Andes Range waters are packed with rainbow trouts, browns, brook pejerreyes (fish found in the Atlantic or in the Río de la Plata River, Argentina), or the coveted "closed salmon", which can be found in Curruhué Grande.

The "fish and return" method is the one practised by fishermen, though alevinos (thin fishes thrown on ponds) are placed in several water courses to ensure that the resource remains. The fishing regulation of Patagonia and Neuquén should not be overlooked, it is thoroughly studied to guarantee the protection and flourishing of that resource. It is one of the most outstanding regulations at international levels, which allows the fishing activity to develop as far as becoming an economic driving force, without alterations and protecting the environment.

Fishing is the main region´s touristic activity and the one that creates the largest genuine resources. The community prepares itself, offering new and better guide and boat services and fishing days. Each new fishing season translates into a party for Junín de los Andes and nearby towns. That is why the celebration is held on the Chimehuín River bank, a celebration felt and shared by the whole community which feels as one with the practice of this activity which gave the place international renown.




Pescando frente al volcán Lanin

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