Millions around the world dream with an opportunity like this. Millions like to own, some day in their lives, a house in a paradisiacal place, with mountains showing everlasting snow; deep and crystalline lakes and wild forests all around.

In the Argentinian Patagonia the possibility to having access to that dream has a name: Villa Huechulafquen. It is located next to the lake of the same name, on the banks of Chimehuín River and its Mouth - famous among fishermen from all over the world.

National Park Lanín is regarded internationally as one of the most beautiful and undamaged zones of the planet, its wilderness breathing fully, manifested in its geography, flora and fauna at every step.

In the environs to this amazing natural reservation we find this unique lot. Its pieces of land ranges from 600m2 and 8,000 m2 to 40,000 m2, available at affordable prices and the chance to buy it through an ample financing.

Remember how other touristic villas of the Province of Neuquén were like years ago and see how those lands quickly got quoted once they became important touristic circuits, to the point that the purchase price of lots with a good location became almost unaffordable.

Patagonic lands have become the focus of many investors all over the world.

Contact us and we will inform you in great detail about this exceptional lot.

Today, Villa Huechulafquen represents the chance to have a place in paradise. Don´t miss it!.




Pescando frente al volcán Lanin

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