Villa Huechulafquen is located 14 kms away from Junín de los Andes, in the Huliches Department of the Province of Neuquén and near National Park Lanín, on the banks of Huechulafquen Lake and the Chimehuín River´s source. It is regarded as one of the fly-fishing fishermen paradise.

It is situated in one of the most delightful landscapes of the Andes Range of Neuquén, where the outstanding feature is given by the imposing image of Lanín volcano, boasting its 3,770 mts and its ever white summit, which results in the eternal crystal clear waters of Huechulafquen Lake.

The place is equidistant to nearby circuits of great beauty where everything is unique and amazing; within a radius of a few kilometres. Via land or water routes you can reach Paimún L., Epulafquen L., Currué Grande L., Lolog L. and Lácar Lake or the Epulafquen and Laguén Có springs.

The Lanín-Tromen corridor, along Route 23 up to Malleo River, and then Route 60 up to Mamui Malal international pass, which allows you to get to Chile. This corridor is part of an ever more integrated circuit between this zone and the ninth Araucanía Region.


Over the years, the Patagonia and its touristic centres has been getting more equipped and has had an admirable gradual growth, gaining national and foreign acknowledgment.

Above all, these last years showed a higher increase in tourism demands for the Patagonic regions, obviously including Neuquén.

Therefore, new people arrive with new needs, manifested in a noteworthy increase of the marketing of the "Patagonic villas".

That is why, today, the Villa Huechulafquen lot would be covering the needs of a fundamental demand and, even more important, taking into account the location of the Villa itself in the future, at the feet of the well-known river among fishermen: Chimehuín River.




Pescando frente al volcán Lanin

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