The place offers a myriad of other activities to be performed. These are:

Walks: Nearby hills (cerros, in Spanish) invite to meet them, reach La Cruz hill to have a broad view of the landscape and also of Junínde los Andes city, all this before having a walk through Corfone forests.

Horse-riding: Have a ride along paths, through the wilderness, in full contact with nature.

Rafting: Get amazed while sailing -with no outboard motors- along the silent waters or live the adventure of plowing through the strong currents of the Andean/Cordilleran rivers.

Camping: In the river, in the lake, in the forest or in the mountain. All the oportunities for every taste.

Mountain climbing: Climb Lanín volcano or up to the midway shelters, an unforgettable experience for the senses.

Watching: Deers within sight, in ranches (estancias) devoted to this activity.

Picture-taking: All landscapes, every moment are worth taking a picture and preserved.

Ski: 60 kms away from the lot you can reach Chapelco ski centre.

Mountain-bike: A ride along the circuits, an alternative to be enjoyed with the family.

Other water sports: Or just the beholding of changing nature with its millenary forests of pellín oak, araucarias, coihues and ñires. For those who would like to enjoy good restaurants, casinos, discos, etc. you can reach nearby San Martín de los Andes city, with a treasure trove of opportunities and centres by a centre highly organized for tourism.




Pescando frente al volcán Lanin

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